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NCDPI Standard Course of Study


Strands: Individual Development and Identity, Cultures and Diversity, Historical Perspectives, Geographic Relationships, Economics and Development, Global Connections, Technological Influences, Government and Active Citizenship


Competency Goal 1 The learner will analyze how individuals, families, and groups are similar and different.


1.01 Describe the roles of individuals in the family.

1.02 Identify various groups to which individuals and families belong.

1.03 Compare and contrast similarities and differences among individuals and families.

1.04 Explore the benefits of diversity in the United States.

Competency Goal 2 The learner will identify and exhibit qualities of good citizenship in the classroom, school, and other social environments.


2.01 Develop and exhibit citizenship traits in the classroom, school, and other social environments.

2.02 Identify the roles of leaders in the home, school, and community such as parents, mayor, police officers, principal, and teacher.

2.03 Participate in democratic decision-making.

2.04 Recognize the need for rules in different settings.

2.05 Identify the need for fairness in rules by individuals and by people in authority.

2.06 Predict consequences that may result from responsible and irresponsible actions.

Competency Goal 3 The learner will recognize and understand the concept of change in various settings.


3.01 Describe personal and family changes, past and present.

3.02 Describe past and present changes within the local community.

3.03 Compare and contrast past and present changes within the local community and communities around the world.

3.04 Recognize that members of the community are affected by changes in the community that occur over time.

Competency Goal 4 The learner will explain different celebrated holidays and special days in communities.


4.01 Recognize and describe religious and secular symbols/celebrations associated with special days of diverse cultures.

4.02 Explore and cite reasons for observing special days that recognize celebrated individuals of diverse cultures.

4.03 Recognize and describe the historical events associated with national holidays.

4.04 Trace the historical foundations of traditions of various neighborhoods and communities.


Competency Goal 5 The learner will express geographic concepts in real life situations.


5.01 Locate and describe familiar places in the home, classroom, and school.

5.02 Investigate key features of maps.

5.03 Use geographic terminology and tools to create representations of the earth's physical and human features through simple maps, models, and pictures.

5.04 Analyze patterns of movement within the community.

5.05 Demonstrate responsibility for the care and management of the environment within the school and community.

5.06 Compare and contrast geographic features of places within various communities.

5.07 Explore physical features of continents and major bodies of water.

Competency Goal 6 The learner will apply basic economic concepts to home, school, and the community.


6.01 Examine wants and needs and identify choices people make to satisfy wants and needs with limited resources.

6.02 Describe how people of different cultures work to earn income in order to satisfy wants and needs.

6.03 Participate in activities that demonstrate the division of labor.

6.04 Explore community services that are provided by the government and other agencies.

6.05 Give examples of the relationship between the government and its people.

6.06 Identify the uses of money by individuals which include saving and spending.

6.07 Recognize that all families produce and consume goods and services.

Competency Goal 7 The learner will recognize how technology is used at home, school, and in the community.


7.01 Compare and contrast the use of media and forms of communication at home and in other social environments.

7.02 Describe how communication and transportation link communities.

7.03 Use the computer and other technological tools to gather, organize, and display data.

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