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Major Concepts/Skills Concepts/Skills to Maintain
  • Number sense 0-999
  • Patterns
  • Sort and classify
  • Addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers
  • Line plots, tallies
  • Length, time
  • Symmetry and congruence
  • Pictographs
  • Probability experiments
  • Number sentences
  • Students will solve relevant and authentic problems using appropriate technology and apply these concepts as well as those developed in earlier years



Strands: Number and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebra
COMPETENCY GOAL 1: The learner will read, write, model and compute with whole numbers through 999.
1.01     Develop number sense for whole numbers through 999
  1. Connect model, number word, and number using a variety of representations.
  2. Read and write numbers.
  3. Compare and order.
  4. Rename
  5. Estimate
  6. Use a variety of models to build understanding of place value (ones, tens, hundreds)..

SMARTBoard Resources:

A Lucky Place (place value)

Place Value Resources


1.02     Use area or region models and set models of fractions to explore part-whole relationships in contexts.
  1. Represent fractions (halves, thirds, fourths) concretely and symbolically.
  2. Compare fractions (halves, thirds, fourths) using models.
  3. Make different representations of the same fraction
  4. Combine fractions to describe parts of a whole


SMARTBoard Resources:

Comparison Shootout

1.03     Create, model, and solve problems that involve addition, subtraction, equal grouping, and division into halves, thirds, and fourths (record in fraction form).
SMARTBoard Resources:

How Many Bubbles Are Under the Shell

Ace of Numbers (addition/ subtraction)
1.04     Develop fluency with multi-digit addition and subtraction through 999 using multiple strategies.

  1. Strategies for adding and subtracting numbers.
  2. Estimation of sums and differences in appropriate situations.
  3. Relationships between operations
1.05     Create and solve problems using strategies such as modeling, composing and decomposing quantities, using doubles, and making tens and hundreds

1.06    Define and recognize odd and even numbers.
COMPETENCY GOAL 2: The learner will recognize and use standard units of metric and customary measurement.
2.01     2.01 Estimate and measure using appropriate units.
  1. Length (meters, centimeters, feet, inches, yards).
  2. Temperature (Fahrenheit)
2.02     Tell time at the five-minute intervals.
COMPETENCY GOAL 3: The learner will perform simple transformations.
3.01     Combine simple figures to create a given shape.

3.02     Describe the change in attributes as two- and three-dimensional figures are cut and rearranged.

3.03     Identify and make:
  1. Symmetric figures.
  2. Congruent figures.


SMARTBoard Resources:

Ice Blocker (congruent figures)


COMPETENCY GOAL 4: The learner will understand and use data and simple probability concepts.
4.01     Collect, organize, describe and display data using Venn diagrams (three sets) and pictographs where symbols represent multiple units (2's, 5's, and 10's).

4.02     Conduct simple probability experiments; describe the results and make predictions.
COMPETENCY GOAL 5: The learner will recognize and represent patterns and simple mathematical relationships.
5.01     Identify, describe, translate, and extend repeating and growing patterns.

5.02     Write addition and subtraction number sentences to represent a problem; use symbols to represent unknown quantities.


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