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I know how!

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Here is a checklist to see just how much you know about using your SMARTBoard.


Basics SMARTBoard Operation

I know how to...

 - tell if my SmartBoard is communicating properly with my computer.

- turn on/off the projector using the remote.
- mute the projector so that the SmartBoard is not a distraction to my students during a lesson.

- hide the screen from student view using the remote control
- orient the board.
- activate the keyboard for on-screen use.
- right-click on the board using the tray button group.
- activate 'Help' from the tray button group.
- use the pens in the tray to write on the board.

- use the eraser in the tray to erase virtual ink.

- launch the floating tools bar.

- customize the toolbar.



Notebook Software Operation

I know how to...


- start applications using my finger and write using pens.

- change the location of the toolbar in the workspace.
- change the location of the Page Sorter/Gallery/Attachments tabs in the workspace.

- create a new notebook file.

- save a new notebook file.
- save a previously-created notebook file under another name.
- open a previously-saved notebook file, using the File menu, or a toolbar button.
- email a notebook as a PDF document.
- email a notebook to another teacher as a notebook file.
- print my notebook - as a handout, a collection of slides, or as single slides.
- access the Help menu from within a notebook file.
- change the background color of a slide
- create a new, blank slide, and to navigate forward/backward using the appropriate toolbar buttons.

- upload and use PowerPoint within Notebook software
- save the entire slide I’m working on as gallery item
- insert a picture/video
- use the SMART Print Capture feature to move Word work into the notebook
- perform a spelling check

- undo/redo actions.

- use the SMART recorder feature.


Tool Bar Use:

I know how to...

- select items within the notebook page and use the red X to delete them

- activate the screen shade feature.
- use the full screen feature, navigate in full screen mode, return to normal screen mode

- change to dual page view

- activate the screen capture toolbar; use the four (4) features of the toolbar

- activate the document camera from withing the notebook software

- quickly create a custom table, using the toolbar button.

- insert a question to create an assessment for Senteos

- start giving an assessment.

- use the pens and highlighters button/menu to choose and customize them

- access and use the magic pen tool to fade writing, create a magnification box, and a spotlight.

- use the creative pens button/menu to choose and use them

- use the eraser button to use and customize the eraser

- use the lines button/menu to choose/use/customize lines

- use the shapes button/menu to choose/use/customize shapes

- use the regular polygons tool to choose/use/customize shapes
- access and use the shape recognition tool on the toolbar.

- access and use the spotlight tool on the toolbar.
- access and use the fill effects tool to fill drawn objects.
- access the text tool from the toolbar.

- access the effects tool from the toolbar or right tab section and use it to apply fill effects, line styles, and animation to selected items.

- use ink aware tools.

 - use the handwriting to text tool

Page Sorter, Gallery, Attachment Tabs Use:

I know how to...
- rearrange slide order by clicking and dragging
- delete a slide
- add a slide
- add images and other objects from the Gallery to a slide.
- check for Gallery updates
- add to My Content
- access and use Online Resources
- navigate through SMART Exchange

Start Center Use:

I know how to...
- open a notebook from the Start Center
- access the Keyboard
- access Floating Tools
- access the Control Panel

Floating Keyboard Use:

I know how to...
- use the Settings button to adjust transparency, number of keys, and sounds
- change the keyboard to various configurations, i.e. Classic, Number Pad, Write, Shortcut, etc.
- use the Write capabilities of the keyboard
- use backspace, next line, and other operational features of the keyboard

Floating Tools Use:

I know how to...
- minimize, maximize, close, and drag the floating toolbar
- customize floating tools to contain features that I will often use
- restore the default toolbar
- customize the toolbar view (icon size and transparency)

Control Panel Use:

I know how to...
- customize my tray pen and ink settings
- customize my button settings

Online Help Use:

I know how to...
 - access it from the Start Center bar

Context Menu Use:

I know how to...
- set the picture transparency/remove extraneous color/images
- lock/unlock an item
- flip an item
- link an item to a website, page, or file
- link sound to an item
- employ the Infinite Cloner tool


Document Camera Use:

I know how to...

- set up my document camera.

- switch between camera and computer views

- zoom in and out to better view objects.

- use autofocus.

- write on screen


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